Dubs/Enby/Taurus Gemini Cusp
/Panromantic Demisexual

My pronouns are they/them.
No he/him or she/her please


shrek is the god of self confidence

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dont be mean to nonbinary teens. be mean to all those sketchy blogs with urls like “peachy-kitten-panties” who post creepshots of japanese schoolgirls

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ya qurls first time digitally painting tho

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#prawncess art



Black hair IS good hair

*white person pops out of a sewer drain* Don’t you mean ALL hair?

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When your friend cancels on you but it’s ok because you didn’t really want to hang out with them anyway


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stop watching hentai you freakin weirdos



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chihiro fujisaki tellin it like it is

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a girl in my class: okay so i like this youtuber but they're totally a tranny and its so weird bc i dont want to call them a girl, i mean its just a guy dressed in drag
me: woah wait so you're telling me that this being was a male but they claim to be female?
her: yeah but he's only saying it because hes obviously a guy
me: so you're telling me that just because they weren't born it, they can't be it?
her: well yeah
me: okay so i'm about 100% sure your hair isn't naturally bright red with blue streaks, but you still claim to be a 'red-head'.
her: that's not the same thing. that's hair, we're talking about gender.
me: no in this scenario its the same thing. just because they were born a certain way doesn't immediately define them as being comfortable as such. just like you couldn't identify with being a brunette, they couldn't identify with being male. and in the end they are not male, just as you are now not brunette.
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Hussie selfies :P

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why are you all so mad that young girls are expressing themselves through writing poetry and comparing themselves to storms? god help us girls are doing the same thing critically acclaimed old white men have been doing for years

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"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"

And that means white women protecting WOC.
Cis women protecting trans women.
Straight women protecting queer women.
Abled women protecting disabled women.
Not just white cishet abled women protecting other white cishet abled women.

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